Triangulating Bliss Takes Cross-Genre Medal

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Janelle Jalbert’s debut novel, TRIANGULATING BLISS (Book 1 in THE MYSTIQUE OF LIVING SERIES), was recognized as the solo medalist for Cross-Genre Fiction in the 2015 New Apple Book Awards.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00074]“I’m delighted, of course, but I also am humbled. Cross-Genre Fiction is a challenge to pull off successfully,” Jalbert stated. “Not only are there a lot more moving parts to crafting such a story, but also the marketing aspect can be truly daunting. People and publishers like to focus on stories that are easily categorized. Often when you create a mash-up of genres, it is seen as a no-go for publishers.”

Despite countless attempts to pitch TRIANGULATING BLISS to agents and to publishing decision-makers, Jalbert believed in the story of Bliss and the characters that were impacted  by the “Bliss Triangle”. After more than two years of hearing that it was a “wonderful story and premise” but that it wasn’t “marketable”, Jalbert took a proactive stance and released her debut novel through Synchon8 Publishing in September of 2015.

“I can understand the reticence that those in traditional publishing had regarding a story like Bliss, but also it was frustrating in the fact that publishers say they want something ‘fresh’ and ‘original’ yet they expect conformity. Triangulating Bliss was never a conforming type of story. It has a mystery element that brings Greg to Bliss Bar & Grill. There’s a major paranormal/supernatural component exhibited through Phil and the Bliss Triangle. Romance plays a role throughout the novel, whether or not the characters know it at the time. Jalbert continued, “When people ask what the story is genre-wise, I always referred to it as an adult coming of age story that combines mystery, romance, paranormal, visionary and magical realism. That’s quite a mouth-full for a typical elevator type pitch.”

Triangulating Bliss holds a special place in Jalbert’s heart since it was the project that re-ignited her life long desire to craft fiction. Though she had published as a ghostwriter, non-fiction author, copywriter, and reporter, until a fateful evening and a step through a random door, her desire and passion for writing fiction was only simmering on the back burner.

“I walked through the door after a ‘decompression session’ with my closest friend and was hit with the a-ha moment that laid the groundwork for Triangulating Bliss. Actually, I was blessed with the moment rather than hit by it. While I was writing it, my father was diagnosed with multiple advanced cancers and lost his battle. Since dad was the one who gave me a passion for words, it was heartbreaking. However, getting Triangulating Bliss out into the world saved me, much like the way Bliss helps the characters in the book,” Jalbert explained. “This novel will always hold a special place in my heart for both the story and the life lessons I learned along the way. It is spectacular to receive validation in the form of the New Apple Award. It proves that it is true what Joseph Campbell said: “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls”

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