About Janelle’s Writing

Celebrating Everyday Magic

Those who know Janelle, know that she is hard to classify. Her diverse interests and experiences have shaped her and continue still to evolve. That process of evolution is also present in her writing career. Janelle has written everything from sales copy for powerhouses in retail and service sectors to textbooks and educational materials to other types of nonfiction. Her fiction focuses on celebrating “everyday magic.”

As a reader, Janelle enjoys a variety of books, and her writing reflects that fact. Janelle loves learning from all types of experiences and appreciates the synchronicity in life. She has played a game, since she was a child, where she collects random facts simply to see when that topic appears next in her life. It has been a way for her to have a little chuckle with the universe and a hint to the influences of a little daily magic.

JJ's Writing Equation

While Janelle’s refuses to write formulaic books, she does have a writing equation that describes her work in fiction, and even some of her nonfiction pieces.

It is simple LIFE + MAGIC + STORY.

Janelle’s writing reflects the issues of life such as love, loss, adventure, relationships, challenges and triumphs. She adds a little bit of magic to the mix. No, she doesn’t cast spells or dance in the woods under full moons. Magic in Janelle’s equation includes synchronicity, serendipity, and an acknowledgement that we may get some extra help from the spiritual side. Life and magic are then combined with a story aimed to entertain, inspire, and allow readers think about the magic in their own lives.

With Janelle’s writing equation in mind, her fiction is most accurately classified as Magical Realism, blending daily life with magical elements. Specific pieces of her fiction work can also be viewed as mystical, paranormal, and romance in the realm of upmarket and women’s fiction.

As you can see, there isn’t a single neat box for Janelle’s writing. “I write stories that jump out, like a toddler in the store with a piece of candy, and demand to be shared. Sometimes they stay in line with the overall trends in my writing, and sometimes they have their own agendas,” Janelle explains. “I have a general idea of where the story is going when I begin a project, but they don’t usually come to life in a neat, linear manner. I love it though. When the characters start taking over and doing things that surprise me, it makes me smile. That’s when writing becomes magical for me.”

Janelle acknowledges that writing diverse stories can be a hindrance. “Yes, it would be easier in many ways if my writing fit neatly into a single category or genre. That’s the accepted behavior for writers building successful careers because readers look for an author to write a particular type of story,” Janelle admits. “I feel blessed when a story idea hits and excites me. I hate to limit myself to a single type of story simply because of marketing. I write because I love bringing a snapshot of the world alive within a book, and I hope that readers experience that joy. I’d rather have that connection and excitement about my work than trying to chase an audience. I love my readers, but I think it’s best to write stories that I hope touch lives and not simply aim to sell books.”